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  • Beverley Morel

What is Choline?

And why would we be a puddle on the floor without it?

There are numerous conversations about the benefits of a plant based diet to help prevent the climate crisis, the scare stories of how unhealthy it is to be vegan, and how eating meat is destroying the planet.

outline of the human brain in black and green

Extremes of anything is never good. The following article provides really nice balance of explaining the importance of Choline and how a vegan diet will not kill you.

"The nutrient choline is essential for human health. But most people understand very little about this crucial compound. In this article, we’ll examine what choline is, how much you need, and what the best sources are. We’ll take a look at the controversies over whether plant-based eaters are at risk of choline deficiency, explore whether supplements are needed, and find out what might happen if you get too much choline."

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