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Be Informed

Listed below are the details about legal cases on Net Zero (climate change), biodiversity, human rights and lots more from across the world. There is a lot going on, especially as the international community is facing a crucial race against time for the COP28 environment summit in Dubai in November 2023. We will update this page whenever we find new and relevant information.

Net Zero

The Good Law Project challenged the UK Government over their plan for Net Zero that they said was inadequate. The High Court agreed and the Government now has a deadline to come up with a clear plan for the future.   March 3rd 2023


India’s Supreme Court has ruled that Asiatic lions must be reintroduced to Kuno National Park. The Court took an eco-centric approach in insisting that the government make sure this endangered species is protected.

10 Landmark Cases for biodiversity, B Jiang et al, ClientEarth.pdf

More good news - biosecurity

More herbicides are being banned in France. People are waking up to the dangers of these chemicals seeping into groundwater and being carried further afield.

Biosecurity is so important and these steps are definitely positive ones.

The two articles below will help to understand what this means to us all, but first, a definition.


noun: biosecurity; noun: bio-security

- procedures or measures designed to protect the population against harmful biological or biochemical substances. (biosecurity meaning - Google Search)

Climate Change

Carbon Offsetting

It’s so important to stay positive about climate change. However, being kept up to date on the subject, whether the details are positive or not, is just as important.


These three articles all lead from one to another and are about carbon offsetting. This is a system that many companies use to promote their sustainability credentials. But we need to look deeper because is this actually greenwashing?

Carbon offsetting, whilst sounding wonderful, has a long way to go until it is proven to be absolutely effective.

26th Jan 2023 - The Guardian view on carbon-offsetting - a model with dangerous flaws?

18th Jan 2023 - Greenwashing or Net Zero necessity? Climate scientists on carbon offsetting


18th Jan 2023 - Carbon offsets are flawed. We are now in a climate emergency


Cruise ships

Where do we start? Well, let’s start with the worst ones with no moral compass for the environment.

Imagine 2,000 people, being fed and watered every day. Imagine the packaging for all that and also the human waste just being dumped into the ocean, far out at sea.  But the worst case, waste dumped just outside the ports.

In 2018 the cruise industry offered services to more than 26 million customers!!!!

In 2019, Carnival Cruise Lines was fined $60m for obstructing justice and illegally dumping vast quantities of oil, plastics and garbage into the sea. This is only one of many legal cases brought against them.

The following article focuses on the case brought against Just Eat and Carnival Cruises.


18th Aug 2021 - - Why we are taking action against Just Eat and Carnival over their climate failings

Fossil Fuels

Another brilliant win against coal mines, this time in Poland.

If you want your heart to sing this is a must read. It’s not a long article so a summary seems pointless. The headline says it all.

Huge court win as we block Polish coal-fired power station

Fighting against Europe’s largest natural gas plant.

This case is not a win for ClientEarth but it is still a positive read. When the High Court's decision was taken taken to the Court of Appeal certain issues were recognised and, although not overturned this time, it sets a precedent for this to be easier in the future.

ClientEarth filed an action in the High Court challenging the UK government’s decision to approve a natural gas plant which would be Europe’s largest.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy approved the plant, despite the Planning Authorities recommendation that the plant be blocked due to climate change considerations.

ClientEarth also filed a climate risk lawsuit against Shells’ board with support from institutional investors. What makes this case exceptional? The institutional investors in Shell, holding more than 12 million shares (£450 billion), supported this action. It’s hard to imagine that happening - against their own board of directors.

ClientEarth’s Senior lawyer points out the facts, which we can all agree with, but it needed a lawsuit for Shell to take this on board. Let’s hope they do, or it will be another lawsuit to make them comply.

ClientEarth Senior lawyer Paul Benson said, 'Long term, it is in the best interests of the company, its employees and its shareholders – as well as the planet – for Shell to reduce its emissions harder and faster than the Board is currently planning.'


9th Feb 2023 - - ClientEarth files climate risk lawsuit against Shell's board with support from institutional investors .

Group of people protesting about Climate change. Their banners read 'There is no Planet B'
A green and blue bird on a brown branch in a tree
Tall straight trees in a forest
The side of a white cruise ship on a blue sea
Coal mining in the United Kingdom
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