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  • Beverley Morel

Dirty Dozen and Healthy Fifteen

Fresh fruit and veg. But which ones have been grown using pesticides that are bad for us?
A colourful display of fresh fruit and veg. But which ones have been grown using pesticides?

The dirty dozen just sounds so down right bad and dirty. Well, that’s good because it lets us know that these are the foods that are the worse ones for containing stinky chemicals that seem to get everywhere.

Reading through the list of the dirty dozen I can hear myself crying “Oh nooooooo, not that as well!” But it’s fine. The Clean and Healthy 15 are great, super nutritious and there are some lovely recipes too. So we can all be inspired to eat well. And since many people are now growing our own fruit and veg - with absolutely no chemicals involved - we don’t have to worry. Let's just pick and eat happily and guilt-free, because we are doing the best that we can.

Growing organically is a labour of love, and it reflects not only in the nutritional value, but also the flavour. So keep up the good work!

In the following article, they review the most and least pesticide-contaminated produce to help you make more informed decisions about fruit and veg purchases.

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