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  • Ailsa Reynolds

Relax ! Don’t Do It!

And breathe … it`s official. You can put your feet up. The new garden is the relaxed garden, the untidy garden, the “weedy” garden. Even Chelsea and Malvern flower shows agree. This is my kind of garden. I've never been a tidy person so this suits me fine, and knowing the environmental benefits makes me smile.

Some may take this the whole way, others may feel it`s a step a bit too far, but even loosening past habits a little will reap environmental dividends.

Fowler says

“In all of this I am not advocating giving up on gardening, but shifting the perspective on what needs doing”

What do you think?

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06 de jun. de 2023

Oh how I wish I could relax and agree with this but this 50m rule some of us have as we are near forests and woods makes it impossible it seems. Grass should be cut, shrubs and trees pruned and obviously the land

then cleared according to the authorities. Then you walk in said woods where there is dry dead wood on the ground left by the forestry commission and you feel even more confused. I know I am among many who are just torn and confused with this one size fits all new law.

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