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Sustainability, food and technology

I missed the Climate Cafe meeting in September which focused on food. However, a combination of my three passions (as well as family of course) caught my attention this week, so I thought I would share it.

Food ingredients separated in bowls
Food ingredients

Frank Holleman, the founder of Fork Ranger and its app (yes, that's the technology bit!) says that the underlying problem of climate change is overconsumption. He goes on to say that the basis of so many climate solutions is innovation and efficiency, but that brings its own problems. Often, when things are more efficient we just use them more.

"We can't solve the climate crisis without changing our lifestyle and leaving consumerism behind" Frank says, and for him, amongst other things, that means less meat and more plants - and less 'stuff', more memories. For a fun way of learning about sustainable food you can download the Fork Ranger app from the App Store.

So, sustainability, food and technology - I'm definitely going to try a bigger lifestyle change - can you?

Source: LinkedIn - accessed 23 October 2023

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