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  • Ailsa Reynolds

Postcards for the Planet

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Hello all

I finally made a small start with something I’ve been wrestling with for a long time back in August 2022.

Those who know me well know how frustrated upset and angry I am about the slow pace of action in respect of climate change and biodiversity / protecting our planet. We have little in the way of engaging with those power and influence. The aim is not to focus on gloomy stuff but to be proactive and for people to feel there is something they can do.

For me, however much we try to change things on the ground the biggest issues and arguments are with politicians, big business and media.

This idea is inspired by Pennie Roberts who ran a postcard campaign for another issue. The idea is that short simple messages are sent in a co-ordinated way to maximise impact.

1. Use a plain postcard, back of an envelope, a postcard decorated with a drawing, a picture postcard of a special place, all to arrive around a specified time.

The idea is that this has more visual impact than drip by drip emails.

2. Please follow the suggested wording or adapt to your own words. But please be polite and please add the hashtag #postcardsfortheplanet

3. Please send me ideas for political/economic targets for correspondence.

So simple. Quick. Easy. Cheap. Minimal effort as I/we would do the work. A sort of postcard storm.

The aim is for the group to be made up of people from any political persuasion as long as they support the move to get some action. There is little time to keep debating the issue.

The time for action is now.

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Apr 25, 2023

Hi Ailsa, I think this is a great idea. In terms of who we can target, looking at corporate climate litigation, it seems that TOTAL ENERGIES was sued back in 2020 and the french government has also been sued, both for lack of action and/or misrepresenting/green washing.

The biggest practical problem coming our way as a result of climate change is droughts. I don't know who we should be writing to about that, there are so many stakeholders, the government I guess? Apparently agriculture needs to change....

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