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  • Beverley Morel

Preserving Your Garden Produce

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Fast-forward to the end of summer. You have read all the articles, planted vegetables everywhere and now have an abundance you could never have dreamed of. And now it is a problem because what can you do with it all?

Jars of preserved fruits on a table

Obviously the local foodbank is a great place to take any of your excess super-healthy produce. They welcome all donations with open arms and home-grown organic fruit and veg would cost a small fortune in bio-store. But the point of grow-your-own is to try and keep it for yourself to last over the winter.

Ways to Preserve Garden Produce

Vegetables are probably the most commonly preserved items, but fruits and meats can also be frozen easily. You probably already do some regular food preservation without even thinking about it. Bulk buying meat then separating it into portions and freezing it is a great way to preserve food! So, while the following article is mainly focused on garden produce, bear in mind other food items.

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