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  • Ailsa Reynolds

Green Weddings

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If anyone getting married wants to be inspired by sustainable options then how about this? An experimentation of natural fibres has produced a low carbon, sustainable and biodegradable fabric beautiful enough to use for a wedding dress. I don’t suppose it`s cheap, but then wedding dresses generally aren’t!

Zena Holloway, who makes the designs, created the sustainable material after spending years as an ocean photographer and witnessing plastic pollution. She said: “I saw the growing amount of plastic in the ocean over the years and became upset about the materials we were using.”

Zena hopes that her work will inspire others to use more sustainable, biodegradable materials. The fashion industry is responsible for between 2% and 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but despite pledges to curb emissions, according to the World Resources Institute the sector’s environmental footprint is expected to grow by 60% by 2030.

I just have this great vision of the bride leaving her dress in the sea for it to be eaten by the fish.

Other options for the eco-conscious bride-to-be

According to Vianney Cabrera, founder and designer of Pure Magnolia, “We try to use natural biodegradable fabrics that are less water-intensive and environmentally destructive, like hemp and organic cotton. We are constantly experimenting with new options, like linens and closed-loop fabrics created from waste.”

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