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  • Beverley Morel

Recycling Used Coffee Grounds

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Food Waste - How to put coffee to good use

If like me you prefer ground coffee to instant coffee then you'll know that you can produce a small mountain of coffee grounds when you're having a bad day.

But before you throw the used coffee grounds into the waste bin let's look at some of the ways they can be reused and there are lots of ways we can reuse our coffee beans.

cup of coffee on a bed of coffee beans

We use a lot of coffee each day so it is particularly interesting to find out what we can do with them. Currently we are trying to dry them out so we can burn them as a mosquitoes repellent. Sadly, this isn’t quite going to plan because we leave them out to dry, then it rains and we have to start over again.

However there are plenty of other ways you can use them and this article has some really interesting suggestions.

So make yourself a lovely pot of hot coffee and put your feet up for a few minutes while you have a read.

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