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  • Ailsa Reynolds

Costa Rica - an inspiration

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Costa Rica is an inspiring example of a country which is under serious threat from climate change, but is acting determinedly and decisively to change its economy and practices to reduce its impact on the planet. This is despite contributing to only 0.02 per cent of global emissions.

The country`s efforts are remarkable. More than 98 per cent of its energy is renewable; forest cover now stands at more than 53 per cent after painstaking work to reverse decades of deforestation, and around a quarter of the country’s land has been turned into protected parks and reserves.

Efforts are now in place to decarbonise the infrastructure, especially transport. Plans are a collaboration between state, citizen, scientists and the private sector.

Yes, it’s a smaller and different type of economy to many of the biggest countries in the world, but it definitely shows what can be achieved with a powerful vision and determination.

Excuses about damage to the economy do not feature here - the government believes that growth and sustainability can and must go hand in hand. Big countries take note!!

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