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  • Ailsa Reynolds

World Bee Day

I never knew there was a World Bee Day. It was instigated in 2017, and its aim is to highlight the importance of bees and encourage ways to stop the decline in bee numbers.

Here are some projects that aimed to help bees in 2022.

How we can help bees

This is a useful guide to bee friendly gardening whatever size of garden you have, even a window box!

You can even offer to house a bee hive if your space is deemed suitable.

...and, in praise of wasps

Yes really !

I freely admit I'm not an insect fan in general, and I'm definitely a bit wary of wasps. However, I`m trying (and hopefully achieving) to appreciate that, like flies, they are very useful both to the garden and to the whole eco-system. I'm attempting to adopt a policy of, "if I leave them alone they will leave me alone!"

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