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3 Quick Positive Reads

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

More Positive Global News

We regularly share good news about our planet in an effort to allay fears and combat climate anxiety. Ultimately, the media has an important role to play and it's their job to be truthful and accurate in their reporting. And it's our job at Be A Hummingbird to show you that there is hope.

positive global news
Satellites helping to control climate pollution

Global Coalition To Cut Methane

The United States, the European Commission, Australia, South Korea and Japan are joining forces to cut methane emissions.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas responsible for almost one-third of global heating since the industrial revolution. Making efforts to limit its emissions is therefore crucial in the fight against climate change. Early next year, a new satellite will be launched to help spot methane leaks.

increase in solar jobs in US - picture of solar panels
A positive trend in the renewable energy

US Solar Jobs Trending Upward

The executive summary from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council shows a 3.5% increase in solar job growth since 2021, demonstrating a positive trend in the renewable energy sector.

The report showcases a remarkable surge in employment opportunities within the solar industry, highlighting its significant contribution to the U.S. job market and sustainable economic development.

two cars being charged by electricity
US scaling up on clean transportation

US Government To Buy 9,500 EVs

To scale up clean transportation, the United States government agencies plan to purchase 9,500 electric vehicles in 2023 - nearly triple the amount bought in the previous budget year.

The move reflects a significant commitment to reduce carbon emissions. President Biden issued an order in December 2021 to replace the entire federal fleet with domestic EVs.

"It marks a $200 million increase over what it would cost agencies to buy the cheapest available vehicles. They will spend another $300 million on 8,500 charging stations, provided they have the funding to do so.

Officials across government are implementing aggressive plans to electrify their fleets after Biden ordered agencies to stop purchasing emission cars, trucks and vans by 2027 and to cease buying any internal combustion engine non-tactical vehicles at all by 2035..." - Government Executive News July 2023

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