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So what's my carbon footprint?

Following on from my earlier blog post about being a responsible consumer, I'm fast-forwarding past the pandemic, when many more little changes were made. I started to think more seriously about my eco-journey. How would I know what difference my cumulative changes were making? Could I set a goal, and would I get to my goal faster than the government?

There are several carbon calculators available, and I've added some links below to ones you might try. The one I use, and I'm very happy with, is Giki Zero. I have to input details about my lifestyle, but then it shows my progress against the global average, the average for France, and my goal. Better still, it suggests a series of Steps I can take on my journey, and there's an App for my phone so I can keep track of what and how I'm doing.

I'll tell you more about the company behind Giki Zero in another Blog, but, for now, here are some links to Carbon Calculators you can try.

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