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  • Ailsa Reynolds

Preserving Peat

In our Be Active section we have mentioned already the importance of supporting organisations that work to preserve peat bogs. Here's a quick reminder of why they are so crucial and some ideas about how to have a peat free garden.

The sale of peat in compost for gardens will be prohibited by 2024 but unfortunately until then it's still available.

The National Trust says “ Peatlands act as a carbon store, provide a great habitat for wildlife, play their part in water management and can even preserve archaeological items. They’re being damaged by drainage, over-grazing, burning and extraction for use as a fuel – and in garden compost.

We’re working hard to reverse the negative impacts on the peatlands in our care, but much of the peat in compost sold in the UK comes from peatlands elsewhere in Europe. We have a responsibility to protect these precious habitats too.”

There are many articles about the vital need to protect peat. Here are two that explain why in more detail and how you can go peat free in your garden.

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