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  • Beverley Morel

Methane. Is there an answer?

It may seem a negative story but the positive is that it is so easy to make things better.

This article focus’s on Methane leaks from Turkmenistan. Two of their main fossil fuel fields caused more global heating in 2022 than the entire carbon emissions of the UK. This is a huge amount from just 2 fields. And the information get worse before it gets better.

“Methane emissions have surged alarmingly since 2007 and this acceleration may be the biggest threat to keeping below 1.5C of global heating, according to scientists. It also seriously risks triggering catastrophic climate tipping points, researchers say”

But there is light at the end of the tunnel and a huge positive side to this article.

“Experts told the Guardian that the Cop28 UN climate summit being hosted in the United Arab Emirates in December was an opportunity to drive methane-cutting action in Turkmenistan. The two petrostates have close ties and there is pressure on the UAE to dispel doubts that a big oil and gas producer can deliver strong outcomes from the summit.

Tackling leaks from fossil fuel sites is the fastest and cheapest way to slash methane emissions, and therefore global heating. Action to stem leaks often pays for itself, as the gas captured can be sold”

If this is correct, if COP 28 can address this issue and get agreement to better practices of methane, if Turkmenistan signs up, then it would make a huge impact on reducing climate change. HUGE. Science have given us another solution to prevent climate change. We just need to get rid of the “If”.

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