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  • Beverley Morel

It's time for some good news!

Unfortunately, news regarding the climate and our environment these days is often all doom and gloom, so we thought we'd fill you in with some more upbeat, cheery info on our planet. Let's call this one, climate positivity!

1. Seaweed is being converted into products as replacements for plastic and oil-based ingredients.

2. The UK is to be home to the world's largest vertical farm! Opening this year in Lincolnshire, covering 13,500m2.

3. More energy is now coming from renewable sources. Last year, 39% came from electricity, and 18% of all energy in the UK came from renewable sources.

4. Recycling is on the up! In 2020, people in the UK recycled 4% more of their household waste than in 2010.

5. UK scientists have discovered ways to use solar energy to transform plastic waste and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels.

Sources: The Daily Climate & Good Energy

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