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Climate Crisis

Sustainability specialists and scientists are saying that we are communicating climate change in a way that is too 'soft'. No-one wants to generate fear or anxiety, but do we need to shape our message so that it is taken more seriously?

When Beverley, Ailsa and I set up this group we wanted to communicate with positivity, and still do. However, watching the News currently we face stories of flooding in the UK and high temperatures plus wildfires in Rhodes, Corfu and other mediterranean areas.

No wonder people are confused! We need more people to take action - will all those evacuated from their holidays in Rhodes and Corfu take climate change more seriously when they get home? The IPCC has said (earlier this year) that to avoid climate catastrophe, global emissions must be halved by 2030 and at Net Zero by 2050 - and we need to act quickly.

So there is a positive - there is still hope! Thank you all for joining our group and contributing ideas at our Climate Café. Spread the word - we need to amplify our message and as many people as possible 'doing the best they can'

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