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Wilder Spaces

The Wildlife Trust has won a Gold Medal and 'Best in Show' for their garden which they say combines beauty with biodiversity. Estelle Bailey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust’s Chief Executive, says:

“Nature is in crisis and not enough is being done to reverse this terrible decline. We want to see 30 per cent of land well managed for nature by 2030 and our gardens are a vital part of that wild jigsaw to help bring nature back. Private gardens make up a bigger area than all of Britain’s nature reserves combined – they can provide a mosaic of mini-habitats that support a diverse range of species, so they are key to helping create more nature everywhere.”

For more information on the role gardening can play in nature's recovery, read the whole article here. It's good to read about the positives and long term benefits for nature and people's wellbeing.

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