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  • Ailsa Reynolds

Turn repurposing household items into a creative pastime

The notion of Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose , Recycle can even be turned into a creative pastime, so this is a bit of fun. We all have odds and ends around the house that we just don’t know what to do with. Yes we can send them to a charity shop or car boot sale, or even to the recycling, but if you're feeling creative, often you can turn things into something decorative or useful – and they're not in landfill!

Crockery is great- it can be painted/ decorated , broken up for use in mosaics, used in plant pots for drainage or, if it can be mended, here's a stylish way to do so with the Japanese Kintsugi ( or Kintsukuroi) style. Broken items can be seen as representing fragility - difficult , broken or painful parts of life and are put back together using a gold, silver or platinum powder dusted onto lacquer, so highlighting the imperfections and making them beautiful.

Here's a photo of one my sister did- she said it was remarkably easy to do. (NB don't use for food or drink consumption).

Here's some more fabulous ideas -

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