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  • Ailsa Reynolds

To waste, or not to waste...?

Food Waste is a big problem: if we think of the land, resources, and chemicals used to produce, transport and store it and then recognise how much is wasted, it’s quite staggering

If production and use of food was more efficient, billions of tonnes of carbon and methane emissions could be prevented from entering the atmosphere.

One key element of this is to avoid food going to waste in landfill, and by being more efficient we can save ourselves money too.

It’s estimated that 70% of food wasted in the UK comes from households, so this is where we really can make a difference.

This organisation (Love Food, Hate Waste) has loads of information about the problems caused by food waste and lots of simple suggestions about what we can do.

As always small actions can make a difference “… by working together it soon adds up; if you times each small action by 66 million people living in the UK.“

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3 comentários

19 de mai. de 2023

I got this from Intermarche for 2.99 EUR, not bad!


18 de mai. de 2023

This is the App that someone told us about at the last meeting


15 de mai. de 2023

This is great info. I feel so righteous when I am eating left overs :)

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