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  • Beverley Morel

Shaping the future of big cities

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A Toulouse project may shape the future for other big cities to help reduce the rise in their increasing temperatures. This is a very impressive project, and right on our doorstep (if you happen to live near Toulouse, France).

Houses on a street in Toulouse, France

“The main objective of the LIFE Green Heart project is to reduce the local temperature by 3c on average, during heatwave events in an area of 30 hectares located on the Ile du Ramier in Toulouse, by counteracting the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. Surrounding neighbourhoods will also benefit from this cooling effect.”

What they hope to achieve

  • Temperature reduced by 3C, on average, in the areas with urban re-greening implementation during intense heat periods;

  • Green space surface area in the city centre increased from 3 hectares to 19 hectares by 2024;

  • Surface area of the riverside vegetation increase by 50% between 2018 and 2024;

  • A continuity of 4 km of the green and blue infrastructure networks;

  • biodiversity restoration across 30 hectares;

  • 800 parking spaces deleted (70%) compared to 2018;

  • Creation of walking and cycling routes on a total area of 5.6 hectares; and

  • reduction of noise pollution by 3 dBs'

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