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More about Giki and Giki Zero

In a previous blog 'So what's my carbon footprint?' I mentioned Giki Zero, which I use to give me both an estimate of my carbon footprint and ideas for ways in which I can reduce it. Giki stands for 'Get informed, know your impact'.

You are asked to build a profile of how you live - there's no pressure, mine has been running for some time now and is still only 85% complete. The more information you feed in, the more accurate it is. It looks at six key areas - Home, Food, Transport, Purchases, Services and Trees.

Have a look and see whether you think it would work for you. Look at the different footprint areas, and the steps it suggests.

My next step is to try cleaning products with fewer harmful chemicals. There's usually a short 'to do' list to help you on your way.

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