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  • Beverley Morel

How working out could benefit us all

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

If you live in a city and go to a gym, wouldn’t it be great if working out not only benefited you but all of us.

Of all the innovations that are happening this has to be a simple one. The treadmill, the rowing machine and all the other machines (obviously I am not a gym user) could be linked to generate electricity when in use. A busy gym would be able to create a huge amount of energy.

In a Paris railway station recently I saw a woman peddling on a static bike to charge her phone. There were a couple of banks of these. What an absolutely brilliant idea. There are six stations in Paris that have « WeBike ». They give you the same amount of charge as using a normal electrical socket. 10 minutes of biking can recharge 15% of the battery (regardless of speed) so you need time and energy.

The company uses recycled materials and the kiosks are constructed by people with disabilities in Belgium. The company is called WeWatt and it’s such a positive project.

In the UK in Shropshire they have installed Power Generating Tiles to charge phones. The opinions are divided because of the huge cost of setting this up. Is it a gimmick or the future? Hopefully with more demand the price will drop and more of these projects can be installed.

Here is the article about it. It’s both interesting and uplifting.

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