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  • Beverley Morel

Emission-free flights?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The New Whittle Laboratory (part of the University of Cambridge’s engineering department) is a research facility trying to accelerate the drive to Net Zero by using emission-free flights.

It was King Charles’ first official engagement after the coronation. He was there to visit a new £58 million laboratory that will house the UK National Centre for Propulsion and Power, which tests decarbonising technology and improves links between research and industry.

In 2020, Charles, who was then the Prince of Wales, gave the opening address to an engineering conference, telling those who gathered “The need to decarbonise flight must remain at the top of the agenda. While many are calling for net-zero flight by 2050, I would like to challenge you all to think about halving that time frame to 2035.

Buckingham Palace said “Today, it typically takes six to eight years to develop a new technology to the point where it can be considered for commercial deployment in the aerospace and energy sectors. Recent trials in the Whittle laboratory have shown this timeframe can be accelerated by breaking down silos that exist between academia and industry.”

The potential for King Charles to make a difference in climate change is huge.

Read more about the The Whittle Lab here

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