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  • Ailsa Reynolds

15 minute cities

I love the idea of 15 minute cities. As a former health and social care professional I have found the idea fascinating, from social equality, physical/ mental health and community perspectives but also as a great way to tackle pollution and climate change. The aim is to support districts to have housing, services, work, and social opportunities in a very localised setting so that people have a reduced reliance on fossil fuel heavy transport to access these.

Paris has led the way with many other cities around the world finding their own way to apply this model.

The ethos of 15 minute cities does have its critics, usually based on what may be seen as restrictions of choice and freedom but also practical limitations (weather) and questions over whether confidence in public transport has recovered to pre pandemic levels.

So what does the future of this idea look like? It's likely that a healthy balance is required with car use heavily discouraged rather than erased completely, but with a provision of reliable, affordable alternatives. However this must be set against the need for radical measures to combat climate change. What do you think?

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